Christianity Expanding

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Christianity Expanding

Following on from ‘Blue Sky God: The Evolution of Science and Christianity”, I’ve written a new book, “Christianity Expanding: Into Universal Spirituality”. It is the first in a series and will be published in October 2020, available to pre-order on Amazon. Here’s an extract from chapter 1.

Why Should Christianity Change?

I started on a Christian path in 1983, in what I then thought of as a conversion experience, but now would call an awakening to love. I was involved with a large charismatic evangelical church in Leicester, with some lovely people, and I remember the first service I went to there, on Easter Sunday 1983. There was a lot of standing up and sitting down, reciting strange words and singing hymns, and it all struck me as rather weird. I hadn’t been to church since I was nine, and then it was a dour, Presbyterian place that seemed very joyless. But it wasn’t all the strange liturgy and singing that struck me, it was the conversations after and the love shown to us by the people. I suppose this cynical world these days would call it being ‘love-bombed’ but for me it was a real heart-warming experience and made me return there week in week out. Later that year came the real outpouring of love upon me that I call my true awakening.

I have worshipped in huge evangelical churches with 500 on a Sunday morning, sung and played in worship bands, led crazy youth services, been in charge of small inner city churches with an oppressed congregation, and looked after several rural churches in what I would call terminal decline. But throughout my Christian journey, I have struggled with the church teaching. Part of the reason why is that for a few years prior to this I had studied various teachings of what is variously called the ‘Ageless Wisdom’ or ‘Perennial Wisdom’ or ‘Esoteric Philosophy’. This body of teaching gives an undergirding to all religious traditions, to the human psycho-spiritual makeup and to the whole metaphysical understanding of the universe and its working. No small claim then, but that teaching has undergirded my understanding of Christianity and helped to expand it into something for this twenty-first century. So this little book is the first of a series in which I hope to chart a path towards a more universal understanding of Christianity.

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