New Christianity

StJohnsAshfield_StainedGlass_GoodShepherd_FaceChristianity is evolving. New, Emerging or Evolutionary Christianity is a new way of looking at an old faith. It embraces scientific insights into the nature of reality, it interprets scripture in the light of current knowledge of the contexts in which they were written, and it revises theology to bring it out of paradigms and worldviews that existed hundreds of years ago. In the 21st century, quantum physics identifies the need for a universal consciousness to be in existence for material reality to exist. God can be identified with the consciousness which is necessary for quantum theory to hold together – the compassionate consciousness that holds and sustains everything in being. This could be called the Mind of the Cosmos. To quote St Paul, God is the One “in whom we live and move and have our being.”

New Christianity retains the centrality of Jesus to the message, but has a number of different ways of viewing who he was, the most important being the distinction between the man Jesus of Nazareth, and what is variously described as the Christ Principle, Christ Consciousness, the Christ energy, unitive consciousness – i.e. that aspect of the divine which is experienced in the human form when a person becomes ‘Christed’ or anointed or attains non-dual consciousness.

Jesus is thus seen as a  human being who attained the full potential for oneness with the divine – something which is a potential for all of us. The theory of Morphic Resonance indicates that in doing so, Jesus forged a path for us all to follow by his self-emptying, compassionate life. His life has made it more possible for all of us to find that state of non-dual, unitive consciousness, to become awakened from sleep (as the bible puts it.), or to gain a new way of seeing.

Salvation is looked at differently, not as being ‘saved’ for some future paradise, but being brought into wholeness and healing, which is the root meaning of the word in both Hebrew and Aramaic. Sin is not the little things that we do wrong, it is the state of being asleep to the potential for living God’s way, either through ignorance or deliberate avoidance. Being in the sinful state means that we are failing to live up to the potential we have for living a compassionate life of divine awareness, and salvation is the fulfillment of that potential.

Repentance is redefined back to its roots, meaning to go ‘beyond the mind’, to be about moving beyond egoic, dualistic thinking, moving into the wonder of oneness and unity. It is turning from self-centredness to awareness that all is connected and held in the compassionate consciousness we call God.

The kingdom of God is not ‘pie in the sky when you die’, not later, but lighter. It is the way of being that Jesus modelled, to operate from the place of compassionate consciousness, of oneness with the divine.

New Christianity also takes into consideration the vast amount of liberal scholarship concerning interpretation of the Bible, and seriously considers extra-canonical scriptures such as the Gospel of Thomas, Philip and Mary Magdalene.

These and many other aspects of New Christianity will be explored on this website. Many of these are expanded in Don’s book from 2012, Blue Sky God: The Evolution of Science and Christianity. He has now embarked on an ambitious project of writing the Wisdom Series of six shorter books which seek to expand Christianity into a wider framework, that of the Perennial Wisdom teachings, also referred to as Esoteric Psychology. This is a more expansive, inclusive and enlightened body of teachings that underlie many of the traditional faiths. The series is  shaping up as follows:

Christianity Expanding: Into Universal Spirituality (Oct 2020)

Expanding Scriptures: Lost and Found (Feb 2022)

The Christ and Jesus: The Difference (in the publishing process, hopefully out end of 2022)

Convergence: The Meeting of Science and Spirit (writing in 20222)

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