Blue Sky God

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Blue Sky God

Blue Sky God interprets some new scientific theories with blue sky thinking to bring radical insights into God, Jesus and humanity, drawing also on some deep wells from the past in the writings of the early Christians. In an accessible style, it looks at science research and theories in areas such as quantum physics and consciousness, epigenetics, morphic resonance and the zero point field. From there, seeing God as the compassionate consciousness at the ground of being, it draws together strands to do with unitive consciousness and the Wisdom way of the heart. Throughout, it seeks to encourage an evolution in understanding of the Christian message by reinterpreting much of the theological language and meaning that has become ‘orthodoxy’ in the West. In doing so, it challenges many of the standard assumptions of Western Christianity. It outlines a spiritual path that includes elements in all the worlds great religions, is not exclusive, and yet has a place of centrality for Jesus the Christ as a Wisdom teacher of the path of transformative love.

Published by Circle Books, ISBN 978-1-84694-937-1. Order via Amazon or your local bookshop

What others have said:

“A brave and important book, dispelling confusions and misunderstandings, and making clear the relevance of a Christian path today. Don MacGregor integrates modern science, mystical experience, history, philosophy and biblical scholarship is a new synthesis that shows how religious practice is evolving in the twenty-first century.”

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, author of ‘The Science Delusion’

“A passionate and inspiring call for us to understand the true message and example of Jesus in the contemporary world… I warmly recommend this book.”
                                                       William Bloom, author of ‘The Power of Modern Spirituality’

“A fascinating and profound exploration of the deep resonances between the discoveries of the Christian Mystics and those of modern science… I salute the courage of this book and hope it will attain a large and enthusiastic audience.

Andrew Harvey, author of ‘The Hope: a Guide to Sacred Activism’, ‘Son of Man’ and others


From within the ranks of the priesthood, comes a breakthrough book that offers a synthesis of science and spirituality as an opening for orthodoxy to make a quantum shift.  At last, on our awakening journey and regardless of different sectarian backgrounds, we can know the ‘Source’ or ‘God’ as the compassionate consciousness in which we all reside and embrace “love as the evolutionary driver for connection in the universe”. Blue Sky God is a must for everyone.

Janice Dolley, Development Director of the Wrekin Trust

 “A refreshing and ground-breaking book that opens up new avenues of understanding between spirituality, science and religion by formulating the Divine as the Ground of Being and Compassionate Consciousness. Jesus is seen as an exemplar of one who showed us the transformative way of love and wisdom and thereby changed the morphic field of humanity. The book is a bold and necessary statement.”

David Lorimer, Programme Director of The Scientific and Medical Network, President of the Wrekin Trust.

 Blue Sky God is an elegant weaving of science, consciousness studies and classic Christian wisdom.  It is a necessary breath of fresh air for our times.  Allow it to shake you,  awaken you and startle you with the realization that Christianity is indeed evolving and Don MacGregor is paving the way.  I recommend it highly.

Leslie Hershberger, author of Coming Home: An Integral Christian Practicum


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  1. Well done Don for having the courage to speak your truth, keep shining your light, the church needs more wonderful beings like yourself to pave the way for the new consciousness that is surely coming. God bless you. Tim

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