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Wisdom is  not a curriculum, a philosophy, a metaphysical system, or a set of esoteric ideas.  It is an underground stream running through all the great spiritual traditions,  not exclusively identified with any of them, and it can wear the theological and devotional garb of all of them.

Wisdom fundamentally describes a higher level of human consciousness characterized by a supple and alert awareness, compassionate intelligence, a substantial reduction in the  “internal dialogue,” and the capacity to engage reality directly, without the superimposition of mental constructs and categories. It is the original Integral Knowing.

Wisdom is not about knowing more, but about knowing deeper, with more of you participating.  It is fundamentally accessed through spiritual practice. In the Christian path, wisdom has largely been contained in mystical and esoteric streams, but is emerging again at this time of transition. In emerging, it has the capacity to change the face of Christianity, bringing it into line with the latest science, and plotting a course for the fulfillment of the human potential to live at peace, with compassionate awareness.

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